Projected 6th-8th grade

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Creating a well-rounded athlete prepared to thrive within all the sports.


  • Speed, Quickness, Agility, automated footwork / indefinite locomotion

  • Movement Principles

  • Full Body Foundational Strength Training

  • MO-STAB-ILITY (Mobility, Stability, Flexibility)

  • 3D Power Development

  • Practical Nutrition, Mindset, and Recovery strategies

Long Term Athletic Development is the name of our youth development system leading up to high school. Athletes will begin with level 1(K-2nd) and can test up or graduate in age to advance to levels 2,3. In Middle School they will begin Level 3 and may test for a chance to move up to level 4.


The greatest leap in athletic formation takes place from ages 5-13. Our training will provide your young athlete with a strong foundation that they can build on throughout their athletic careers.


At APEC we maximize these windows of opportunity by targeting long term athletic development strategies that prove effective not for a few weeks, but for years to come. How much should they lift? Plyos? How much is too much? These are all concerns of middle school parents that we have the answers to. Our goal is to partner with you to help lead your athlete on a long term athletic development system.


APEC's training programs for middle school athletes (6th-8th grades) is designed to appropriately increase their overall athleticism with improved coordination, speed, balance and strength so that they'll be able to excel in all of the sports they enjoy competing in. Youth athletes have complex, distinct physiological characteristics that must be taken into account. We are very careful about too much sport specific skill development without broad athletic development first.