APEC offers consulting packages for schools, individuals, professionals and professional teams alike. We have been fortunate to consult with state champions, national champions, super bowl champions, and athletes with hall of fame credentials.


APEC offers consulting packages for businesses looking to provide an elite service for their community along with building a business they can be proud of. We have built APEC from the ground, literally, and we can help you build the business of your dreams while also connecting many to their own dreams as well.

Facility Design:

APEC offers consulting packages for those looking to bring their vision to life in the form of a facility. We can take you from land to plan while protecting your goals and finances all at the same time. We will design a layout that is efficient for space and budget while leaving room for growth down the line. It is not secret that our APEC facilities are know for their dynamic design aesthetically and functionally. 


For all consulting inquiries email our President, Bobby Stroupe.