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Frequently asked questions

Will you be at the combine?

Yes. We will have a team of coaches and will also bring your personal chef, massage therapist, sport stretch team,

How many athletes will be in my group?

We like to have 8-12 max per group. We will have 4 paid coaches for a group that size (not interns). In addition, we break groups up by position because the training is different.

What are the typical results?

We have a very individualized approach, and our results are top of the industry in every category. You can get pages of details in our Ebook via the link on this page.

How long does the training last?

We have an 8 week and a 12 week option. We recommend the 12 week option for everyone for multiple reasons. In 12 weeks we can generate even better results and we are able to transistion into more football offseason preparation at the end of the program.

Agents or Professional athletes: please contact our General Manager Brandon Stroupe for booking.