APEC (ATHLETE Performance Enhancement Center) started in 2005 on a grass parking lot in Tyler, Texas. The original company name was Accelerate. After years of results and expanding our influence beyond speed, we built our first small facility adding "Performance Enhancement Center" to the name. Today we are proudly known as APEC.

APEC is a worldwide leader in both athletic performance and fitness. We provide elite training services for all levels of athletic performance and separately offer the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, and well-rounded fitness program available.

We dedicate to uncompromising commitment in giving the very best, researched based training, service, support, equipment, and coaching worldwide. At APEC we will push the envelope but never will we replace scientific principles with trendy workouts. We combine our experience and education with a network of the greatest minds in our profession to give you the best version of yourself.  We strive to create a habit of pursuing excellence with all our athletes by preaching the mindset of - BE THE BEST. YOU.


APEC exists to improve lives, protect futures, and educate through the field of human performance.